The VCR is ancient history. If you’re like most people, your entire family history is tucked away in an attic somewhere, and your VCR has long since gone the way of the dodo. Most people are surprised at how far gone their tapes already are when they finally decide to look at them again-the average VHS tape only lasts 15 years!

It’s not just VHS. You don’t have to be limited by format-if you have it, chances are we can convert it. 8mm tapes, MiniDV, and VHS-C are all common tape formats, and at we can convert any of them to DVD for you.

At OrangeSlice, it’s personal. We can convert all your home movies to lossless DVD format, preserving them for generations to come. We’ll even print a customized DVD just for you. At just $8.00 per tape, you can’t afford not to!