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A Feature Film on a Cell Phone? It’s Happening

The rate at which technology in cell phones is advancing is amazing-and sometimes a little scary. The camera is one place where cell phones have grown immensely in recent years, from a quirky toy that took terrible photos to a viable replacement for a point-and-click camera. And now, the cell phone is replacing high-dollar movie production cameras (more…)

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Citykit Demo Video

This is a demo video that I put together using the CityKit plugin for Cinema4D. The plugin is incredibly powerful, allowing you to create realistic-looking cityscapes instantly. You can even customize the city by changing the height of buildings, the size of the downtown area (more…)

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The Exchange

After some serious post production work, The Exchange is finally up and ready for your viewing pleasure. This project presented several challenges, one of which was the heat we were filming in. Thanks again to the actors who stuck it out with us. (more…)

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